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DIY Slowfeeder | Trickle Feeder

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In this video we present our DIY feeding barrel in action.

Basil, our little "trick pony", can spend a lot of fun time with it - even if there is a big pile of hay lying next to it. In the video, our 30-year-old Molly is also smacking along.

The starting material is a beverage barrel (polyethylene (PE)/15 litres) from the local agricultural supply. We marked the holes with a compass and then drilled a hole inside the circle with a drill as a starting point for sawing. The diameter of the drill depends on the depth of the saw blade of the jigsaw. We then use this to saw the holes. Then smooth the edges with 120 grit sandpaper. 5cm wide holes have proved to be very useful for our ponies (Shetland, Iceland and Highland).

To get the horses used to the feed toy, you should fill in rather short hay only very loosely at the beginning. The more densely the feed toy is stuffed, the more difficult it is for the beginner to get used to it :).

Mettendorf, 27 January 2023

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