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DIY off-grid horse water trough

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In the beginning there was a disused chrome steel trough from the neighbour. The outlet had to be blocked. A piece of trunk from a small pine tree, peeled off and cut to the right diameter, hammered in tightly, now does the job. After a short swelling time, it sits firmly and holds tight.

Now came the frame made of battons (60x60mm) on which the trough rests. Then came the side panelling made of three-layer board (19mm) with the legs also made of battens (60x60mm). To prevent the wood of the legs from drawing water from the floor, they stand on 20mm lying oak, screwed in recessed from below. The lid is made of three-ply board (27mm) and has a 20mm high stop made from pine at the front and left side so that it does not slip easily.

On the inside of the flap opening (160mm) I screwed a mitre frame that protrudes about 8mm all around to protect the inside of the box from draughts. The latch and handle of the flap are made of oak. The handle protects the bolt and the "washer" made of a piece of leather, which is clamped between the bolt and the panel, from rain. The trough stands on an ensemble of garden slabs, which have a slight slope to the front right.

The trough is not attached to the housing, so it can easily be pulled up to the front and cleaned when there is little water. At -4°C, one candle is enough to prevent the water from freezing. Lower temperatures have not yet been experienced :).

Mettendorf, 22 January 2023

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